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About Us

Award winning Indian cuisine, Bombay Bliss Indian Restaurants are here to please. Concentrating on North and South Indian cuisine, we use authentic recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Bombay Bliss Indian Restaurants are pleased to accommodate many special dietary needs, and serves non-fat, vegan, non-dairy, and nut free items. Our delicious value packs are a terrific way for a family or large group to enjoy a sampling of a variety of popular dishes. If it's individual portions you need, then there are plenty of chicken, seafood, goat, lamb, and vegetarian curries to please everyone.

Since 1992


Each ‘Bombay’ Indian restaurant and take-away has a fully qualified Indian chef with a minimum of 5 years experience. They are all hand-picked and follow our proven methods.

All meals are cooked à la carte — on location in each store, and are made from the freshest prime meats and vegetables marinated with a delicate blend of herbs and spices. We create our sauces from scratch, and slow cook them to age-old authentic Indian recipe.


About our Chef


Choose from a menu of traditional favorites and contemporary low-fat and dairy free dishes. Where recipes permit, we choose to prepare dishes in a modern and health-conscious style. We use no artificial colorings or MSG and cook with cholesterol-free oil. There are low-fat and gluten free dishes and we offer a selection of vegan, vegetarian and Jain meals. All food is halal.

Direct from our kitchen.



  • 2010-Finalist – Best Indian Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2010-Finalist – Best fine dinning Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2010-Finalist – Best themed Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2011-Finalist – Best Indian Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2012-Finalist – Best Indian Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2013-Finalist – Best Indian Restaurant.
  • Winner-2016 – Redland Bay
  • 2008-Winner – Best Indian Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2008-Finalist – Best Indian Restaurant.
  • Queensland 2009-Winner – Best themed Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2009-Winner – Best themed Restaurant.
  • Queensland 2009-Finalist – Best Indian Restaurant.
  • Brisbane 2009-BRW – Top 100 fast growing companies.